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Life Among the Savages

The last book I read, The Dinner by Herman Koch, while amazing, was rather disturbing, and wanted to be followed with something more light-hearted. Who knew that the author of The Lottery and The Haunting of the Hill House had … Continue reading

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New Books

As a reward for completing a presentation that I had been worried about earlier this week I went to the bookstore and picked out some new books this morning. So here’s the photo at the left- there’s something so fun … Continue reading

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City of Dreaming Books

I just finished the third (or possibly fourth, the count seems to vary online) book in the Zamonia series by Walter Moers. I first found Walter Moers’ books when wandering around the bookstore and running into this book. Being a … Continue reading

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The Bell by Iris Murdoch

   This was my first Iris Murdoch book. She is one of those authors who has a long list, leading to confusion on where to start, but this book was mentioned by Susan Hill in Howard’s End is on the … Continue reading

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Dusting again!

Since it’s been a year since my last post and my last attempt at dusting off the old (ill-used, anemic, forlorn, forgotten, etc….) blog, I’m trying again. There have been a few life-changes- I am no longer a grad student! … Continue reading

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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

So I’m attempting to brush off the dust from this excessively unused blog. I find typing anything that will be visible to someone other than myself a very hard thing to do.  I’ve heard or read before that the internet … Continue reading

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Mr. Peanut by Adam Ross

I think I heard about this book from both the Bookrageous podcast and the Books on the Nightstand podcast. This book is a circling contemplation on the dark moments in marriages and relationships contrasting with the unique relationship that is … Continue reading

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